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Nanatsu No Taizai 285 Release Date, Spoilers - The fighting scenes with meliodas and the demon king were pretty cool and I liked just how badarse the demon king looked in certain panels. Plus, the part with wild sacrificing himself was pretty good and at the same time, it was also quite sad, because I actually wanted him to make it out with meliodas and ban. Meliodas & ban has eventually escaped from the purgatory moving through the door to the real world. In chapter 285, we will probably be seeing the reunion between ban and the rest of the sins. Also, this chapter will portray ban talking with hawk about wild and tell him how much his older brother loved him. The seven deadly sins chapter 285 release date

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read Nanatsu no Taizai 285 on line - The Demon King probably doesn't mind Meliodas' emotions, but he cant handle that his son is a coward from his perspective. His emotions also betrayed his father, so that's just adding salt to the wound. Until proven otherwise I will believe Wild will recover and he just sacrificed his ticket to the real world is all.

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Leaving open the chance of a reunion with Hawk later. Didn't he say he is giving away his 'Infinite life'? I assume he got an infinite amount of life force which he can give away to heal people for an unlimited amount of time, which sadly buffed Demon King since he deactivated 'The Ruler'. And I suppose it is possible to give out his entire immortality to someone else using 'Gift', or he could act as a power source to keep Elaine alive, instead of Melascula. The whole point of that line is that the 'Gift' that he transfers to people is driven by unlimited energy. If the source of that power is your lifespan, then he can literally dish that shit out forever.

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