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Nanatsu No Taizai 283 Release Date, Spoilers - I will admit, the parts with gowther & mael were alright and the page with mael casting out the commandments definitely looked really cool. Plus, the bit with gowther saying where the doll appearance actually came from was pretty nice as well. But as for how things ended with mael, I can't say I'm that big on how it all ended, considering what he did to his brothers. So we will probably get some little recap of mael then we will either switch to purgatory or camelot. Chandler is missing so he can come and steal commendments. In purgatory ban , wild and emotions are having hard time against demon king, but ban grows stronger as he fights showing his "Desire for survival". Camelot ,cusack and zeldris encounter escanor and merlin. Ludo abandons assault squad and goes to find mael. We already know that elizabeth's character in power is probably very close to gloxinia's, that the large majority of her pl or strength is focused in her magic and this would make sense given the large diversity and powerful feats that we have seen from her. I don't think anyone can deny that elizabeth's ark is the strongest in the clan (besides her mother) and probably gives her one of the strongest magical arsenals in the series. However, what we can probably speculate and disagree with is elizabeth's strength in regards to the physical side of her character, since we have limited evidence for this. One scene, we see her being knocked out with one casual punch in a discussion of peace and the other is when the supreme deity and demon king were fodderizing her and meliodas outside assault mode. Now, one scene depicts her as extremely weak and the other as a rival to meliodas physically but given one moment is an off-guard situation and the other is an off-screen battle - we can't draw much from it. Additionally, just to add some of you might mention the physical feats of human elizabeth, but these should be largely ignored given the context of the curse. The curse reincarnates elizabeth as a human instead of a goddess, which obviously drastically weakens her body physically and magically, therefore using the ''cheek-fat'' moment to put her down is extremely unrealistic and unfair. Would you criticise meliodas strength when merlin took it away and galan fodderized him? No, of course you wouldn't because he wasn't at his strongest so be fair and criticise the goddess elizabeth's physical strength and not her human body, we already know she's extremely limited in that area anyway.

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This is Page 1 of Nanatsu No Taizai 283, click or swipe the image to go to 2 of the manga. enjoy the latest chapter here at Mangaobserver. I really did not expect that but damn it is really amazing. Probably one of the best moments in Seven Deadly Sins. The fact that OG Gowhter, such a nice person that he was, did what he did out of pure hatred for Mael that is amazing.
Well, with this, it means that only characters that are left to fight are those two demon-general-guys who are with Mel, Mel himself and Rudo; he is still not out. Please, tell me that next we switch to Ban again though. I want to see more of Ban and I want to see Ban get his god damn power up already.
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Remember the Demon King handpicked the Ten Commandments, so naturally the same logic would apply to the Goddess Clan of the Supreme Deity handpicking the Archangels. Ironically, both sons of the Demon King are members of the elite force but why the one and only child of the Supreme Deity isn't an Archangel? It all adds up. The reason Elizabeth isn't an Archangel is because her mother wouldn't give her a grace and authority over all other Goddesses if she wasn't even gonna kill Demons or harm anyone and just talk her way through situations. Makes sense to me. So her being comparable to Ludoshel and Meliodas isn't far fetched plus since she doesn't have a grace she would naturally be better at Ark and the normal Goddess Clan arsenal since that's what she has to fight with.
It's funny how people still vastly underestimate the Goddess Clan despite Nakaba portraying them as equals prior to the first war.

How do people rationalise that Mael with top tier active sunshine couldn't defeat Mael? Escanor did it, you can't refute it. People think Ludoshel isn't at the same level of the Masters or Zeldris when he clearly is. People think Sariel and Tarmiel are worthless without their blessings when they clearly aren't. And people had the audacity to think the Supreme Goddesses daughter was Elaine tier despite her wings being a complete contradictory. You only have yourselves to blame if you're upset at Elizabeth being AA tier and equal to Meliodas. 

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